Balk or smart play?


What do ya’ll think? Balk? If not, is this a smart play?


Not a balk because you can fake the throw to 2B. Smart? I’m thinking playground ball.


Rogers got it. Take a good look at the base runner - he’s not focused on his only job … staying alert and be smart on the base path. This base runner did not watch the pitcher close enough to be “in” the play. The “fake” throw was not all that difficult to pickup …IF he was paying attention.

As a pitcher, study the antics and attention spans of those your competing against. Understand the tendencies of everyone you meet, even your own teammates. Characteristics overlap and the human condition can be very predictable IF you pay enough attention. Use your own teammates for that constant practice of studying people- how they think under stress, eager to do things on impulse, actions out of frustration, careless reactions and poor preparation, anything out of the ordinary that “gets to them,.” stuff like that. All of this is your ace-n-the-hole when these guys step into the batter’s box - time to play head games.


Stuff like this works…even in the Bigs. If you think you can grab an out, go for it.


We did this play nearly every game in travel ball when I was younger. Slightly bush league? Probably. An easy out? Yup. Honestly, it made the game super fun at that age to have these random trick plays. We also had another bunt play with a guy on second where the base runner simply skipped third base by heading home once about halfway to third. With the two umpire crew no blue ever saw it happen. That one is probably a little shadier, but again, it made our little 12-13 year old brains happy so I’m cool with it.