Balk or smart play (2)


I couldn’t find video on it, so I’ll describe it. Lets say there’s a runner on first. Now I go from the windup but stand behind the rubber, making no contact with it and start my windup. The runner will most likely take off to first base and then I just turn and throw to second and get him out. Is that a balk?


Yes. Balk.


Why? I actually wanted to try this haha. I thought if you’re not on the rubber your an infielder?


Executing your delivery while not on the rubber would be an attempt to deceive the runner which is what the balk rules try to prevent.


You have to be in contact with the rubber to begin your pitching motion. If you begin your delivery while not in contact with the rubber it’s a balk. You are better sir to make use of (2014 and prior format) rule 8.01 a comment. You may, in the wind up position, execute a step towards first and throw in an attempt to pick off the runner, however, it can not look like your normal delivery. I will not easily get used to the new rules format. The rule is found in 5.07a1 comment (2015 re-codified rules).


crap i wanted to try it