I was playing a game for a rec team recently and the pitcher for the other team dropped the ball while in the set position on the rubber. While its pretty obvious that this is a balk, no call was made which i though was what should’ve happened, but my teammates started saying how that should be a ball for the count on the batter. I have very rarely balked and had always done it with runners on so i wasnt sure if this was a rule or a myth. Anyone know?

If there is not a runner then a balk results in a ball added to the count.

This is a bit tricky. There are two things to look at here. Statement 1: Every act that is a balk with runners on is an illegal pitch (ball) without a runner on. Statement 2: Every act that is an illegal pitch without runners on is a balk with runners on.

Statement 2 is true. Every illegal pitch that is made with runners on translates into a balk–no ball to the batter, but all runners move up one base.

Statement 1 is not necessarily true. For example, a pitcher who likes to go from the set position with no runners on does not have to pause like he does with runners on. So, if you see a pitcher failing to pause during the stretch–it is not a ball to the batter if no runners are on–he can just continue to pitch without stopping. However, it is true that there are many situations where a balk with runners on is, in fact, a ball to the batter with no runners on. Thinking of it that way will help you in most situations, but not all.

In your situation, a balk should have been called. If a ball that is “thrown” (or dropped) from the pitcher’s mound never crosses a foul line, then it is a balk with runners on.

Here’s a good question: if the ball is dropped while the pitcher is on the mound and no runners are on…is it a ball to the batter?

cptkonflict is correct, with no runners on base this would result in a ball call.

For a quick pitch it is a ball, otherwise it is a no pitch.

no no no no no. how can it be a ball. its not a pitch. same thng happened to lincecum. the ball slipped while throwing it. but it never passed the foul line. so thus it was not a pitch at all.