Balancing Youth Pitching for a tournament

Okay fellas, headed to State Championship tournament for 12u. Double elimination means 7 games in the loser bracket to win it or 4 games in the winners bracket. I have 4 really reliable guys and 4-5 middle of the road guys. My defense is good and my offense is really good. Tournament will be Tuesday through Friday. Pitch count rules are 120 pitches per kid for the whole tournament, under 30 pitches means no rest, 30-60 is 1 day of rest, 60-85 is 2 days rest. How do you set up your pitching? Do you account to stay in the winners bracket and set up a standard rotation or do you try to bounce them all each game. I’d really like to have my top 2 guys have 40-60 pitches a piece left come Friday.

Start your ace game 1 and limit him to 50 or less, relieve with your top middle of the road guy if a close game or use an “inning burner” if way up or way behind. Game 2 start your #2 and follow the same plan as game 1. Win the first two games at all cost, the later you get kicked to the losers bracket the fewer games you will need to play. Don’t pitch your ace again until at least Thursday and your #2 Friday so they get a decent rest. Use your other two reliable guys for jams and closing situations.

Don’t use any kid on back to back days no matter how many he throws and don’t use any kid more than twice in the week. Their future arm health is more important than a $5 ring and Facebook brag for mom and dad.