Balancing Drills

hey guys whats up. I was wondering if anyone knows any good balancing drills i could do for my pitching mechanics.

Right now i just go into my pitching mechanics and stop and hold my leg up and balance for like 2 minutes. Thats all i do. But i want some more drills.

Also i am doing my pitching mechanics 100 times on mon,tues,wed, and thursday. Friday is rest day and i play saturday and sunday

Will this be okay. i do not have a ball in my hand. I can feel my mechanicsc getting stronger and stronger every day. And i recently am throwing 81mph consistently. So i can i continue to do this and does anyone know any balancing drills as well.

You don’t stop and balance when you’re actually pitching so why practice that? Try this instead… Do walking lunges where each step is a lunge, arms are up in a goalpost position with elbows at shoulder height, and during each lunge you twist the shoulders to the left and right. Then do it again walking backwards.

This will work on balance while moving plus it will work on strength in the quads and flexibility in the hip flexors and torso.

thanks dude. Ya right now i already have walking lunges in my workout.

I do legs monday and wednesday. With my legs i do walking lunges, calf raises, as well as squats all with 170lbs. Which is pretty hard for walking lunges i think.

Anyways can i still do the thing you said without weights. Will that still help my balance and strength or should i just skip it and just do what i am doing right now.

Thanks for the help btw bro.

Doing what I said will force you to work on balance. What does working on balance mean? It means putting yourself in positions/situations where you get out of balance and have to recover by engaging core muscles. My suggestions will do this. First, putting your arms up means putting some of your body weight up high which will make you unstable. Twisting the shoulders left and right during each lunge will also make you unstable. Doing the lunges by walking backwards will really make you unstable. And if that’s not enough, hold some light dumbells in your hands.

Give it a try.