What would you suggest doing with a kid that is growing and having a hard time with his balance during his delivery?

Some of this stuff…particularly the early stuff…also don’t forget the other sports angle…it adds so much to the athleticism side of the plate…yoga…martial arts…skating…football, basketball…all some…one.
Keep the faith Munster!!

Need more bend!

Get him to lower his center of gravity by bending more at the knees and waist.

Also have him do karaokes with shoulders rotating opposite the hips and walking lunges with a torso twist each direction in each lunge. Have him keep his arms up in a flexed “T” position during both of these because the higher the weight of his arms is, the more wobbly he’ll be and the more he’ll have to engage the core muscles to stabilize himself to maintain balance. Could even use some real light dumbbells in the hands.

Thanks for the advice. It is tough seeing your kid so frustrated that he is not having the season that he had hoped for. Part could be due to the fact we are facing much better competition than we have in the past. He will learn and be better for it.

And don’t forget, the kid is growing, and he’s bound to hit a couple of growth spurts—so be patient, and tell him to be patient even as he’s doing the requisite workouts and drills. When he reaches his full height everything is going to straighten out and he’ll be fine. 8)