Balance Point?

I received your newsletter today. It read "You will rush your delivery if you don’t stay over your back foot until you reach the balance point."
Can you define your use of “balance point” for me? I don’t believe that successful pitchers have ever reached what has been traditionally taught as a “balance point”. Balance point has conventionally been used to refer to a pitcher picking his leg straight up to maximum leg lift without moving forward. I believe that teaching has held entire generations of pitchers back from reaching their potential. Do you use the term to mean something else?

(I edited my original question because I didn’t like the way I asked it. Hope that’s appropriate. Thanks.)

What # newsletter is it? I’d like to take a read and see if I can help.


Here is a video that may help clear up any concerns you have with balance point. I think some people misunderstand what it is.

I agree that many people misunderstand the term. They misunderstand it to mean that a pitcher should stay over his back foot until he reaches a balance point. I have to fix that misunderstanding almost every time I work with an amateur pitcher. Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Tim Lincecum, and Aroldis Chapman never reached anything remotely resembling a balance point. I would amend the sentence to read “You will never reach your potential if you stay over your back foot until you reach a balance point.” Thanks for responding.