Balance in a diet

So im trying to slim down and lose weight, but I feel I may be getting to much protein? if that is even possible.

After recording what I ate today here is what I have consumed.

Calories: 2,839
Carbs: 234g
Fat: 83g
Protein: 141g

I am 6’4’’ and weight 276. So am I consuming to many calories, carbs, proteins?

I am using a counter website to monitor all my eating and exercise and it says I am…

314 calories over recommended (this doesnt include an accurate amount of calories burned from my HIIT for 6 minutes today, because I dont know how many calories I burned doing it. Also a lot of med. ball and lifting.)

113g under the recommended Carbs.

1g under recommended Fats.

47g over recommended Protein.

All the carbs are “healthy” carbs, the fats are “healthy” fats, and the protein is from my protein shakes and fish.

Anyone please help clear things up for me!

Most of those sites will give you accurate numbers for couch potatoes. That is to say, people who exercise regularly and strenuously for athletics are not the target market for most cookie cutter eating programs.

Protein is a touchy subject. Some people advise you to eat a great deal, others say it is unhealthy (which is a lie). I fall in the middle. If you are active, you want to take in the majority of your calories as carbs. 50-60 percent is a good baseline number. The other 50-40% of your intake should come from protein and fat. 25/25 or 30p/20f are good.

If you want to track your protein intake by grams, take your bodyweight and multiply it by .75 and that is the number of grams of protein you should try to take in a day. So for you that would be around 200 grams. Try to add a little bit more each day and see what level your body functions best with. If 200 a day is too much, find a number that works better.

If you are really interested in a perfect nutrition plan, you really cant beat Berardi’s books ( ).