Balance drills

Hey i was wondering if anyone had some links or just their personal input on why the balance drill can be harmful for pitchers. I know myself why, I’m just having trouble coming up with words. Links would be great! thanks.

By balance drill I mean stopping and pausing at the peak of leg lift.

Me personally, did not know that they were harmful to a pitcher. I’ve always used them and cannot see a negative side to them.


It’s not a harmful drill physically but as Lanky pointed out it’s pretty useless IMO because you don’t want to have a ‘balance point’.

You want to keep on moving and get those hips moving towards the plate… not pause at the top to kill all the momentum.

yupp I know. I have been talking with my Coach about this the past 2 days. He sees where I am coming from but would still like us to work on balance… whaddya gonna do? lol

If your looking for more consistent momentum, stand with your shoulders perpendicular to the wall. Do your normal leg lift, while trying to gain momentum towards the wall. Your front hip should hit the wall first