Bad Year on the Bump

I’ve had a rough year so far this year. I started off awesome. 5 inning shut out in my first game this year. And I haven’t gotten a win since. I had a chance last night (Came out with a 7-5 lead), but the reliever blew it in his first inning of work. Is there anything you guys can think of off the top of your head to why this has happened? And how can I get back to how I was at the beginning of this season?

Two things come to mind. First, you may not have had control of the losses - you can’t control the rest of your team.

Second, you may be lacking confidence. To regain it, start by making sure you prepare the best you can so you know you’re ready to go when you take the mound in a game.

Thanks Roger, does anyone else have any ideas on how to reverse my fortune?

Well you came out of the game with a lead so that’s a plus. just keep working on it and be confident when you go out there and THINK you’ll get the Win and pitch well. Keep your head up!

Let me tell you about something Mariano Rivera, that greatest of closers, does and has been doing for years—and this would apply to starting pitchers as well as relievers. When he goes down to the bullpen, before he even starts throwing he takes a couple of minutes to get himself into a mindset that he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus in which nothing exists for him except getting the batters out. (It may be a form of self-hypnosis.) Then he warms up, and when he goes out to the mound he takes this focus with him, along with that murderous cut fastball, and he proceeds to make the batters look very, very stupid. This is something you could do, and as a result you too can get the batters out. :slight_smile:

Are the hitters getting solid contact? That is, are you a bit too fat with your pitches? Sometimes pitchers get a bit too much in the groove with fastballs down the middle. And, in my opinion, sometimes catchers can get a bit lazy and call for the fastball a tad too much (after all, it’s a far easier pitch to catch).

Totally agree! Nobody can take away your work ethic. I always pitched with the mental edge that I literally worked harder than everyone I was facing – and it was my damn right to win and be successful. I put in the work. Many, many successful pitchers in pro ball and college ball pitched with this mentality and were VERY hard workers. So it was no surprise they were so good. Keep working hard!

No, I have had one hitter had a solid hit off of me this summer season (Our Freshman Legion team scrimmaged a team with 4 seniors). He had two solid hits. But every other hit has been an infield hit or an error (which I know isn’t a hit). I’m assuming this is good, but is there anything wrong with that?

Nothing wrong with that. Stay confident and stay focused. Often times, it’s simply bad breaks or, perhaps, you don’t have the range or talent in the infield. If kids are not making sold contact time and time again, you’re doing just fine.

Well, I had a great night tonight. Complete game, threw 118 pitches, 70 for strikes according to a parent that keeps track. Got the win. I guess you could say im back on track :wink:

Congratulations!!! Roger and Steve don’t charge for shrink sessions, but my bill is in the mail!!! :lol:

Couple things:

  1. If you leave with the lead, that’s all you can do.
  2. If there’s an pitching inning/pitcher limit, then that’s certainly ALL you can do. If not, you have to try and go deeper.
  3. If your relievers are blowing the game, then your coach will notice this, and, hopefully, make a different decision the next time his ace leaves him with a lead.