Bad Umpire

Okay so what do you guys do about bad umpiring. Now i am never one to complain and i usually never get mad. But today was a different story.

We played in my hometown today,which we never, due to the fact i drive nearly 1hour away to play baseball 3 times a week. Anyways we had a free diamond and we got to play a league game on it.

This umpire was a brand new umpire to the game, and he was going to be the home plate umpire. Now our base umpire had nearly 15 years of experience. So that just pissed me off what the base umpire wasn’t behind the plate.

So i pitched. I throw around 88mph, and the kids just sat there and looked at the ball.

3-2 count, right down the middle and the umpire calls it a ball. Next guy i struck out. Next batter after that i throw 2 pitches inside. Definitely strikes. They were called balls. I threw one inside another ball. Then i walked the guy

I allowed 4 runs in 3 innings and we won the game. But due to the fact that i am by far the ace pitcher on the team. I have pitched 20innings so far, with around 38strikeouts. And only allowed 5 hits all year.

And i go and have a game like this, in front of my home crowd. Just pissed me off. I threw my mit, got really pissed off.

What do you guys do about bad umpires. Umpires that never ****** (Edited by Admin for language) umped before. Thats a joke, you got to admit

Bad umpires—inexperienced umpires—are all over the place, in every league including the majors. Either they never went to umpire school, or if they did they never learned. And when these guys get behind the plate they throw their weight around, come on like they know it all, and they make all kinds of rookie mistakes. Imagine!—not knowing a ball from a strike! :shock:

all i am saying is if its right down broad way call it a strike.

Lol. I threw it right down broad way too, because thats all he would give me.

Guess what happneed:

Gone day. Lol.

You got pissed and threw your glove after a game you won? I’m not sure what to say other than suck it up? There are going to be new guys now and then. I think it’s a great idea that the experienced guy was in the field. He can critique his partner after the game. I’ll almost guarantee that he did. If the experienced guy is always behind the plate, how do you become experienced? If the only complaint you had was his strikezone or lack thereof, he did a great job imo with all the other stuff he could be screwing up.

well i could see giving him experience. But he should find a different game to find experience, like maybe umping 12-14 year old kids. Or younger. LIke honestly first time behind the plate, and its with 18 year old kids.

Also he never even covered 3rd base on a close play, the base umpire made the call from 1st base lol.

Nah i threw my glove after the 3rd inning we were down 2 runs. We came back to win.

Ya i know i plan on fixing a few things for my next outting.

You could let the inexperienced guy start at a lower level instead of just letting him start umping at a fairly high level.

In town ball pretty much every ump is bad with a few exceptions. But now getting into the AAU season, it should be a lot better. I’d just try to ignore it.

I understand where your coming from, I live in North Carolina, the melting pot of bad umps…but the worst thing you can do its get so mad that you start saying and doing things without really knowing what your doing or saying…

I have a really short fuse, it doesn’t take alot to piss me off, there was one game I was closing in Summer Ball a year ago, 1 out in the bottom of the ninth we were winning by 2. The ump wouldn’t call anything I pitched strikes, So I started throwing straight down the middle, ball after ball after ball. I got so mad when he called the thrid walk even when I was throwing straight down the middle, my coach came out to argue, he got ejected. I was really on fired up then, I scremed out “You need to get some glasses, you can’t see a damn thing!” and got ejected from that game, and suspended from 2 more games…

The moral to this story…Just let the coaches take care of it, and aks them to mark that particular ump off and you’ll never have to pitch with him behind the plate agian.

Have Fun
Good Luck
and Strike 'Em Out!

Talk about bad umpiring. WOW! My little brother had the worst ump ever in history. He went up to bat and the ball almost hit him, so he moved, the ump called it a strike. Then The kid threw an outside pitch that would have hit a lefty and again, STRIKEEEE! Pitcher threw a ball that hit home plate so my brother swung not even halfway. The ump goes HE SWUNG ALL THE WAY STRIKE THREE YOUR OUTTTT! But what really made him bad was when this kid slid to second and he was three feet from the base and got tagged, but the ump called him safe. And another time when this kid slid to home and the catcher didn’t even have the ball and when he got it like a second or two after the kid touched home the ump calls him out. This ump was just complete bologna. My brother’s team was losing 5-1 and the game started late from rain at 7:30 pm. At 8:40 he called the game over at the top of the 5th when they should have let us bat and then the other team bat once more (10u plays 5 innings and he called game at four). And the rules say they play for 2 hours since school is out and they played an hour and ten minutes.


Let me try to put this delicately. Do you think you’re in the Major Leagues? I seriously doubt any “brand new umpire” is gonna be paid and expected to have his 1st game ever behind the plate! And so what if it was true?

You have two choices in life when faced with situations like that, and believe me its gonna happen a lot more than you think. You can either whine and cry like an immature child who isn’t getting exactly what he wants, or you do your best and try to learn from it.

I can’t believe you’re as old as you are and have never had to face this kind of situation before. It’s a good thing you have a coach who’s a whoosy, because most coaches I know would have had your uniform acting the way you did.

What I have found is typically an Umps strike zone goes for both teams (good and bad). I don’t mind a tight ump as long as it’s consistent and for both teams.

As a pitcher you can’t control what the ump calls. Done correctly, the pitcher and catcher can work with the ump to find his strike zone. I have seen many a Ump tighten down the screws as the pitcher goes through a mental melt down over calls.

As a pitcher you can control your emotions. Stay cool. Clear your head and work on your mechanics to continue to throw quality pitches. This is the best way for you to perform for your team.

How you and your good coaches determine how well your performing should have little to do with the Umps zone. If you’re hitting your spots, fielding your position, keeping the hitters off balance, and maintaining mental composure than nothing else matters. Walk off the mound proud knowing you did everything in your control even if you walked the whole lineup.

Ask your self this, are you more proud coming off the mound when your missing your spots and making mental errors but continue to mow down the offense because everything else is going your way for the win?


when your hitting your spots and your mentally in the game but everthing is going against you. Dink singles, key errors, bad calls and you lose?

If you watched both games which pitcher would you start?

not trying to be arrogant.

But i would rather strike 16 batters out in 7 innings only allow 1 hit and get the lose, then compared to me letting in 20 runs but still getting the win

Baseball is a team sport. But after this year our team is done. Everyone else goes there seperate ways and that just leaves me asking myself, where do i go now

I have 2 scouts already that have contact me, saying they want to see more of me.

I have to continue to pitch well and keep training hard.

But ya i understand, i will never get pissed off again.

Its not my fault i am putting them down the middle and he isn’t calling them.

Just got to suck it up, i guess and hope for a better ump

Well, yes you will…and that’s ok, if you’re not passionate about your work then it will limit your success. Just try to understand, once the ball leaves your hand it’s out of your control…great pitches don’t always result in a strike or an out for various reasons, still your objective has to be to throw great pitches and accept the consequences. It aint always easy kid…

I tell you what I do, I don’t say anything to the umpire and I don’t make faces at an umpire for balls and strikes (I only pull faces when they make ridiculous safe/out calls) when I disagree I let them know by making the glove really snap when my catcher throws the ball back, they usually get the hint that I’m upset, most confident and experienced umpires will just laugh and say “whatever” but you get a young one who’s not sure what he’s doing yet and boy you can really make a difference by letting him know you’re pissed but without saying anything or making eye contact.

[quote=“DouglasPitcher”]You could let the inexperienced guy start at a lower level instead of just letting him start umping at a fairly high level.

In town ball pretty much every ump is bad with a few exceptions. But now getting into the AAU season, it should be a lot better. I’d just try to ignore it.[/quote]

I agree with this, especially if the guy was completely new to umpiring. But, on the other hand, no matter how many games you do at the younger ages, there’s still your first time behind the plate with 16 & up kids.

That is my absolute biggest pet peeve in the whole game. When others are pitching and its a bad call I kinda laugh it off, but when I’m pitching I get ticked off. I’m known by my home crowd as the loud funny guy on the bench. They like me, and they always expect me to be the one to say something about bad calls. I never directly say anything, but I let my opinions out in subtle ways… It feels good. Try it! lol

Same thing with me. Last game it was a 2-2 count, about to get out of the inning. I throw a fastball right down the middle at the knees (and remember, this is Jr. Little League, All Stars as well) and the ump calls it a ball? I somehow managed to restrain myself, and I went on to let up 3 runs, 1 earned, but none of it would’ve happened if he could make a simple call. Then at the plate he called a strike on my at my eyes and a little outside. Gotta love umps.

Oh if were tellin’ bad ump stories I got a good one…

I was drivin’ around in Philadelphia and we stopped at a light right next to a ball park. They were havin’ a game and the coach was screaming and cursing his lungs out to the ump. The ump throws him out and then the coach punches the ump in the face and next thing I know, I had to pull over to let the cops and the ambulance by.

Can’t lie, I acted like a child the other day. Got madder than a clip-winged hornet at an umpire that couldn’t tell the difference between a ball to his face-mask and a ball down the middle. Didn’t help that a couple errors behind me wound up in my first blown save of the summer. Guy winds up hitting a bloop single to score two to tie the game up and I went off on the umpire. The other team starts hollering about my “crying” so I wound up drilling the next batter with a fastball in the ribs and they shut up pretty quick when he was on the ground. Next guy bloops a curveball in the dirt over first base to score the winning run. Needless to say I lost it (I’m a little bit psycho when it comes to my temper) and my glove “somehow” wound up flying over the dug out and press box and the bathroom door in the dug out wound up getting knocked off the hinges. Long story short, don’t lose your temper over an umpire or the other team, it’s not worth it. You’ll just embarrass yourself, your coaches, and your team. The next day after our games I issued an apology to my team for losing my head.

They really can totally change the outcome of a game. You just have to respect what they call, throw what they call, and make the hitters swing. Can’t deny a swing.

You can’t deny a swing. Exactly! In my league there are less tan average players. Alot of them are scared up in the batters box. Especially when I’m pitching. We played a team a couple of days ago that at least half the lineup didn’t swing. That pisses me off. That paired with a crappy ump and next thing you know I’m irate. Lol. Just be a batter! Walk are boring!!! Everyone wants to get a beautiful hit. They feel so fricken good!