Bad shoulder flexibility hurting elbow...?

i went to our trainers last week and they found out that i have horrible shoulder flexibility which is taking away external rotation, which leads to a release point that is almost like i’m shotputting the ball, weird part is, i’m throwing upper 80s to low 90s consistently…i believe my internal rotation was 60 degrees and my external rotation was 105 degrees, one of my teammates told me that before he got a microtear in his tommy john ligament he had bad shoulder flexibility and he said it took 5 weeks to get flexibility back…it hurts when i do external rotation only, not when i throw, not during internal rotation, just external, right on the inside of the elbow…any thoughts?

I’d look at some PT that specifically targets this issue. Where do you find this therapy? Well contact local rehab centers, look into any sports med dept you may have on campus, or at the University of Iowa. Yoga is an option that many have resorted to…no it isn’t for sissies…the Mets are collectively doing it…gotta think outside the box, as you know you have a window in which you are working. No time for major injury, so research as much preventitive/reinforcement measures as you can squeeze into your busy day…You’ll do it Big Fella…focusfocusfocus!!!

If it hurts on the inside of the elbow when you are doing external rotation then it is possibly a UCL problem, although you’d expect to see the same problem when throwing due to the external rotation involved there. Lots of other possibilities. See a doctor.

Stop Throwing the way you are throwing!!!

I had the same problem

the reason why you are felling pain in your elbow is now your elbow is having to take all the stress from the action of pitching.

eventually you will put to much stress on your elbow and cause a stress fracture in your elbow or rip the collateral ligament which runs from the wrist through the forearm to the elbow.

eventually resulting in a long time out or tommy john surgery

take it from someone who has gone through it