Bad Pitching Speed?

I hate to admit this, but I am 14 and throw a 58 mph fastball (the highest and usually it read 48-50) according to the SKLZ Bullet Ball. It broke after ten throws to a fence, few times it hit the hard pole and I think that broke the inside. It says to use a catcher but my brothers are too young to catch my fastball (or to some of you a change up). So using it wrong and it hitting the fence bouncing back messed up the speedometer thingy, but I feel like I suck because my four seam is so slow. No one plays catch with me so I throw at a fence that is broken. I am going to post some videos soon on my mechanics to see what you guys think I am doign wrong, but my real question is, could this be from not warming my arm up like I do at baseball practice, or do I just suck? And at practice I feel like I am whipping the ball.

Wow! I’ve heard of breaking bats—but breaking a ball? That’s something new. Apparently the one you were using was very poorly constructed or it would hold up much better under such punishment. You’d be better off getting a collection of used regulation baseballs and using them for throwing against a wall.
I know that you’re probably ticked off at your four-seamer being as slow as it is. I’ve seen a wall plaque with this saying on it: “Lord, grant me patience—and I want it RIGHT NOW!” Let me tell you, it just doesn’t work that way. You have to keep working at it to get up to speed, and it’s not going to happen overnight; you have to keep at it and give it time. You may be right about not warming up sufficiently—you do need to take enough time to get that arm loosened up before you do any throwing. And you might even experiment with different arm slots—you never know, one of them just might be the solution.
I really don’t know what else to tell you at this point—so you would do well to post some video or photos so we can see what’s going on with you. 8)

What I bought was a ball that tells you your speed on it. The inside electronics broke so I cant get my speed. But everyday (or other day depending on how my arm feels) I will practice. I will post a video soon when I get time. Also, I am going to get a pitching coach.

First those balls are not accurate the same ball said i threw a pitch at 120 mph then the it said the next one was like 25. Second don’t worry about speed the best pitcher are ones that throw strikes consistently. You may want to try some breaking pitches like the knuckle curve or slider and a fastball with some movement like 2 seamer or cutter. With these pitches you will keep batters on edge and that will lead to success.

If you throw strikes, 58 is just fine if you also can move the ball around, fast/slow/inside/outside/up and down. Does your change up get down to 50 mph?

Im still working on moving my ball around I dont quite know how to. If you got any drills feel free to tell me. And yes my change up was down to 50, it even got down to 46. Something else that could affect my speed is I just started throwing the ball after I havent for a year.

Eric that could definately be an issue, not throwing for a year, of course I think working on location…do this by throwing constantly to one spot over and over again, focus on that spot, maybe adjust on the rubber left and right a little, you might find it easier throwing to the left if you stand on the left side or vice versa. Think about landing spot and getting your throwing shoulder pointing right at the spot you want to hit.

I would also imagine you want to start working on more velocity, this comes from your hips and the ability to turn the trunk and core quickly after the foot strike. Work on strength in your core in the weight room as well as conditioning.

How about a video??? We might pick something up too.

I posted a video yesterday in the mechanics section called My Mechanics Video and I wasnt going all out becuase it was my arm resting day but I definately went at least 80%.