Bad pitching mechanics ANY ADVICE PLS

Some of you may have seen my other vids here are my mechanics from a kind of side view. Please post any comments from the very small to my whole delivery is wrong. I need feedback please help.
Im 6’1, 154 pounds


Still think you look pretty good. One minor thing I see is that it looks like early in your stride your front shoulder gets out front a bit. Would rather see the front hip lead the way.

The other, more significant, thing I see is a sequencing issue whereby hips and shoulders rotate together instead of hips before shoulders. And I think this is caused by your glove arm. If you can keep it out front where you first extend it just a bit longer (i.e. maintain ‘equal and opposite’ until as close to foot plant as possible) and then stabilize the glove in front of your torso, I think you’ll buy yourself the timing to delay shoulder rotation. This should let you get your release point closer to home plate and it might give you another 1-2mph (or should I say “kph”?).

Thank you very much for the input I will work on it straight away.

no offence,
i do not like the way, your elbow lift to the level of the shoulder

Could you please elaborate, i’m not to sure what you mean. I appreciate your input

[quote=“hydejing”]no offence,
i do not like the way, your elbow lift to the level of the shoulder[/quote]Looks like someone’s been reading O’Leary’s stuff.

I see nothing wrong with this pitcher’s throwing arm action.