Bad News

Well I went to the doc and had an MRI and it turns out that I have a torn ligament in my elbow. I haven’t heard full details yet but I’m thinking I’ll probably require surgery. This really bums me out. Funny thing is I just pitched yesterday’s game lol. Anyone else have something similar? Mines somewhere on the inside of my elbow.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning: Can I ask how old you are? Also, what do you think caused the injury?

I’m 19. I think it occured when I changed a mechanic in my delivery of my arm in a whip-like motion. I exagerated the movement and felt sharp gradual pain in my inner elbow. This happened a few months ago and I have still continued playing ball ever since. I played with pain but I didn’t think the pain was extremely serious. The pain had never healed or went away completely. It felt better with ice, running, heat, and rest but the pain was still there when I came back to pitching. That is when I decided to get checked out by the doc. Today, I barely found out that I had supposedly torn a ligament. I haven’t heard full details yet.

I’m sorry to hear that, too. I’m no doc, but you probably don’t have a full tear unless you experienced a full pop in your elbow. This isn’t always true, but Dr. Andrews said something along the lines of that. The pitchers that have full tears or “ruptures,” as Dr. Andrews calls them, generally experience a pop. You may have eventually worn it down due to the continual use of it, but ligaments are still pretty damn strong even with multiple microtears and the like.

Well good luck with everything. I hope it’s not totally torn so you can just take the six month option of physical therapy and rest, instead of having to have surgery and be out up to 18 months. Keep your hopes up!