Bad hitter

I’m one of the worst hitters ever. Is there a dh rule in any of the little leagues?

not that I know of.

Well if you’re in a little league, you have an ENORMOUS amount of time to become an above-average hitter. I use to strike out almost every AB when I was younger…now I can hit pretty pretty decently imo >,>

Take some time to work on your hitting if you really want to help the problems. Have friends pitch (hopefully pitch well) to you or even better go to the cages.

I believe It was in my 2000-2002 seasons when I was say 7-9 years old and I was never known for my hitting, constantly in the #9 spot when pitching or a benchwarmer. It’s a different story now, I’m usually hitting #2 now on my league team.

when I was 6-7 I could never hit the ball. But during the summer I went to proffesionally run baseball clinics and during the year I always went to batting cages. Today I always bat 3 or 4 spot on my team, had around a .600 average, and in 30 games hit 20 hrs. Proper mechanics for hitting (like pitching) can be learned. Find a good teacher and practice hitting. Now’s the best time to start! best of luck!

but what if i’m only a closer?

How old are you?

If it’s really a youth league, you shouldn’t be a dedicated closer. period.

It’s not too late to become a great hitter!