Bad Foods

Too vague of a question. The ideal diet will vary depending on the pitcher’s height/weight/body type/goals/age.

But I shouldn’t eat junk food?

You’re a quick one :smiley: At your age you just need to focus on eating a balanced diet. Fruits and Vegetables and plenty of protein and grains. Eat a bunch and stay active. GET BIG

Ok, I need to cut the iced tea, coke, any other goodies. I need to eat more fruits and veggies. Does that sound good?

Maybe. Drink a lot of milk. If you’re really rail-thin, getting on a good compound lift-based workout regimen and drinking a gallon of milk a day is the best cure for that.

It’s not a popular sentiment on this website, but if you really want to grow, you’re going to have to eat some “bad foods” simply because it’s impossible to eat 5000 calories of lean chicken breast and carrots. This would include stuff like burgers and pizza.

Ok, would you consider this rail thin?

That pic won’t do anyone much good.

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

You probably shouldn’t eat junk food but at your age I wouldn’t choose to eat healthy just for baseball, keep the game fun and don’t make yourself miserable. If you eat about 5 times a day 7 days a week that ends up being 35 total meals a week, try eating a healthy meal or snack for 30 of those and then you can have 5 where you get to enjoy yourself.
Here are some healthy foods
Fruit- Limit your fruit because of the sugar (I like to eat a piece in the morning and then after school before I work out)
Fiber Bars(they do cause gas)
Vegetables eat as many as you want

As far as calories are concerned that depends on your size and how active you are. If you try to eat somewhat healthy and exercise you should be fine.

Avoid the Live Lamb


Anyhow Kevin you need to remember you are still very young, it’s good that you’re thinking about your health but remember to still have fun, while I’m try to improve myself for baseball ZW will tell you that I am a complete nutcase that is always having fun with the game, seriously I’m a berserker in the dugout, it’s a game it’s about fun.

I’m 5’4" 122 pounds. Pustulio, I agree. I do some weird things too. A lot of us forget that baseball is still a game, not life or death.