Bad bad outing

Hi, I just got back from a game.

I don’t know wht happened. My control was way off. I was usually missing the pitches HIGH in the zone.

I started the game great. I threw a pitch, and it was a perfect strike,
but it was not validated, because the umpire said he didn’t say PLAY BALL! Haha I was like… oh my… ok…

Then I came back and threw another ball for a strike. Then came back with an inside fastball and the Hitter swung through it for strike 2.

That was when I think things started to get bad…
On 0-2 I made a mistake pitch and left a fastball right down the middle and the guy hit the ball to the opposite field for a single.

So it was 0 out with 1 man on. Then on a inside pitch, I got the guy to hit a ball to the SS. What looked like a perfect Double Play turned out into a Run + the batter going to third. My SS threw the ball to the RF…
Ok, so the next guy I ended up walking in 4 pitches, and again got the next batter to hit a ball to the SS. This time he fielded and threw it right there on 2B, but my 2B dropped the ball, allowing another run to score + the runner at first advancing to second and the batter safe at 1B.

So the runner at second tried to steal 3B, and the catcher threw the ball to the LF… scoring another run and the runner at 2B (it was a double steal) got to third base.

By this time, I was like… my goodness… I tried to stay positive but it was tough. OK, so then here came the next batter and I got him to hit a grounder to my SS, but he threw it on the dirt and my 1B could not dig it out, and there goes another run and the batter to 2B.

So I got the next batter out but the runner at 2B advanced to 3B and then on a Sac Fly he scored. I finally got out of the inning, but not before the other team scoring 5 runs on 4 Errors.

At least we came back and scored 4 Runs to back me up.

Then on the 2nd Inning, I got the first 2 outs, and gave 2 consecutive walks… And then, AGAIN, on a ground ball to the 3B, he just had to step on 3B to get us out of the inning with no damage, but instead he threw it to 1B and again threw it badly scoring a run. I got the last out, and we got out of the inning with limited damage.

We went 1,2,3 and then on the third inning, I lose all my control. I walked 2 guys and then gave up an infield single to load the bases. Then a guy hit a bases clearing double to the RF. But with 1 man at 2B I got 2 outs quickly and then walked two more guys to load the bases again.

So here came my coach and took me off of the game. :frowning:
I know I did not have he best control but my defense really blew it :frowning:

At least we ended up winning the game!!

I went 2.2 IP, on a 7 Innings Game

I really don’t know what happened. I usually have good control (not great but good) but I was just walking guys. Also I usually strike some batters out but today I got no Strike Outs.

I think that first hit I gave up + all the defensive errors + not good mechanics made me not pitch well. What do you think?

It happens…Just checlk out Carlos Zambrano’s last outing…He got smoked by the Brewers.
The good is that you are attempting to statagize what happened so it won’t happen again. Put it behind you! Work on where you know you need to improve, ask your coach what he saw and go knock em dead next time out!

Here you are, sweating like hell to get batters out, and the defense lets you down … sometimes I think it really is too much to ask for guys to make the routine play… sad as it is…

you just gotta forget about it and go out and do your job everytime out. you cant control what goes on behind you.