Backspin and staying behind the ball


Hello, I’m 17 years old and I have a good arm. I play infield and I pitch. The velocity is there but something has gone wrong in my mechanics. This past summer I could throw the ball from shortstop to first on a line without the ball dipping at the end. My velocity is still there but I can’t do it anymore consistently. I’m not sure if it is lack of backspin, not staying behind the ball, or arm angle. I’ve tried every arm slot and still can’t get it back. Any help on getting backspin or how to stay behind the ball better would be appreciated if that’s the problem. If y’all have other theories I’d love to hear them. Off the mound my arm velocity is still there, if not harder, and it all feels normal. But plays deep in the hole from shortstop aren’t the same, ball is much loopyer. Thanks for the help guys!


Sounds like you could be getting around the outside of the ball but it could be other things as well such as grip, throwing mechanics, etc. Tough to say without seeing.


How far apart are your fingers on the ball? Perhaps they have begun to separate a bit and need to be adjusted closer together, or perhaps you are coming off the ball to one side or the other as @Roger suggests. Be loose and let it rip.