Back workouts

my problem with alot of the back workouts i do is that it targets and fatigues my forearms more than the back. this happens with all types of rows and pulls probably because i have long arms. does anyone have any workouts thats going to work my upper back more?

I can’t really think of any special ones, about all I can say is keep doing them and your forearms will get stronger. For me I had this problem with dead lifts where I didn’t want to use straps but my grip would give out, eventually my grip got stronger. About all you can do is keep doing them.

Deadlifts. Pull-ups.

My Back Day

Bent Over Row/DB Row depending on how much I have left in my back that day
Lat Pulldown(I know I know I just like how it feels)
Ill also do curlsa but only with 25’s and 30’s

ENough? Not Enough? Feels good lol. I also try to get the back of my shoulders.