Back toe

Ok when I pitch I have probably have a stride a little over 85%, but as I begin to rotate my trunk and move over my front leg my back foot drags off the rubber and my toe lifts up off the ground. My back foot rotates properly, it’s just when I freeze the video just as I am about to release the ball out of hand, my back foot (toe) is about 3-4" off the ground and my foot also drags about 10" off the rubber. I noticed however with pros the back toe is still on the rubber(making contact with the ground) when they release the ball.


Is this bad? If so what should I be doing and how should I fix it?

Also if you would like please put your input up about my mechanics =]

A good excercise to strengthen your back is to lie on the ground and lift your left arm and right leg in the air. Alternate arms and legs as if swimming, you should feel it in your back. Another good one is back extensions.

You can keep the toe on the ground or have it in the air at release. I’ve seen the pro’s do it either way.

I think Huston Street drags his back toe.

There are a number who do and don’t.

Here is Rich Hill.

Street definitely drags.

I’d guess that most of the top MLB pitchers do have their back foot in contact with the ground at release. It’s usually an indication that the head and shoulders were stacked upright into release. As the shoulders rotate, the low back goes into extension and a momentary isometric load. About the time the arm snaps forward (from esxternal rotation into internal rotation), the low back releases and the trunk flexes forward. If you’re flexing forward early, your back foot will lift off the ground prior to release. There are multiple possible causes for this including leading with the head and shoulders instead of the hips through the stride, and planting on a straight front leg.

Greg Maddux us another one, he has a huge toe drag; it’s almost his entire stride length.

got a vid now in the original topic so check it out!!!