Back to the basics

As some of you know I have been posting, asking about how to throw breaking balls. Well now I am going to just go back to four seam, two seam, and change up. The reason is, I didnt know I should master the control and velocity of these pitches before moving on. But I came here because I noticed when I threw some four seams, I threw it and it didnt make it to the plate, it went ike 2 feet in front of the plate, drilling the ground. I dont usually throw high it is just I need help so I dont do this in a game, I mean come on, I have never seen a 14 yo throw one into the ground unless it was a splitter or something, so any help?

if you haven’t already, i would try to post a video of your mechanics. throwing fastballs in the dirt could just be release point problem, but it could also be due to flaws and timing issues in your mechanics.