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Hey guys

been a while since I posted on here.
After 1,5 years finally back to throwing a ball again. wich is awesome!

except, going near 100% of throwing speed, there is still a little bit of pain. somewhere around the upper arm / shoulder .

day after practice. while doing sleeper stretch, it feels like its really tight and somewhat sore.

does any one have any experience with this? or maybe some suggestions as in excercises for that part of the arm?

I’m still going to physicall therapy though. just wanted to know your opinions and such :slight_smile: maybe something to add to my routine.

edit: as soon as we go outside with practice, I’m starting with my pitching again and since i got a proper video camera i’ll be able to put a vid up so more of that coming soon



Yes I have experience with it, you have to make sure you keep up with your physical therapy. It takes 3 days for the rotator cuff muscles to weaken.

Do your shoulder exercises every day. Your therabands and your back burners.

I got back to 100% after a labrum/rotator cuff tears. I got lazy with my exercises and the pain came back. Right now im busting my butt to get back to 100% pain free again.

I can’t stress how important exercises and stretchig are when trying to getting back to 100%.

We also like our athletes to be painfree while throwing. If it hurts you stop.

The way we do this is to throw shorter distances at less 100% with a limit on pitches.

We may start them at half the distance to the mound and only throwing at 30% for 20 pitches. If painfree we increas the diatance, percentage and count in small increments. Sometimes this can take months.