Back shoulder tenderness (how long is recovery time)

trapezius and rhomboid major and rhomboid minor is where i believe the feeling of inflammation lays (in between/or behind shoulder-blade). Its kind of stiff, not really sharp pain, i would say feels more like soreness/tenderness. The muscle there just feels like swollen kinda.

But what is the estimated recovery time? I’d really like to know the information. Last time i just “listened to my shoulder” (which was about 5 days) and when i went to go throw a session off the mound it got re-aggravated =\ so i want to baby it this time. After the re-aggravation i iced it, and ill be sleeping with a heating pad. I mean i know its not serious, worse case scenario is a minor tear, but i figured that would hurt more, so im really doubting my injury is that far. Nevertheless, i’d like to know how to handle it because im a newb.

any suggestions are much appreciated.

i wouldnt think its anything serious because i have a good amount a sholder blade pain after im done throwing and it usually subsides within 2-3 days