Back Pain

I’ve been reading for awhile and thought I’d ask a question regarding my son. He’s 10 and this is his second year pitching and first year in the majors. His first game he pitched four inning and threw 50 pitches. He 2nd game was on Tuesday, throwing the max. 75 pitches in 5-1/3 innings. He was as sharp and throwing as hard on pitch 75 as he was on pitch #1. In the two games he has 5 walks and 17 K’s. He payed SS on Thursday, and we’ve played ball in the backyard on off-days. He’s not part of any travel team, so his exposure to baseball is Little League. This weekend he complained of having lower back pain that started when he was running down a fly ball. The back pain doesn’t affect his hitting, but he hurts when he bends over. He’s shut down this week. He’s never had any arm soreness, and this is his first back pain. Is back pain typical for young pitchers? Is there a good exercise to strengthen his back?


There are some exercises you can have your son do to strengthen the back - I would suggest isometric exercises to start with as they tend to be a bit safer due to no movement.

But, before you have your son do any exercises, you need to make sure he doesn’t have a serious injury. It very well may be that he has nothing more than a minor strain. The week off should be telling.