Back of elbow pain

Hey guys, I’ve had elbow pain in the back of the elbow for 3 years on and off now. I’ve had x rays, ultrasounds and an MRI done and they all say nothing is wrong. I’ve been to physio, used weighted balls and nothing seems to bring it back to 100%. Any help would be appreciated.

What do you mean by “back of the elbow”? With your arm extended straight out in front of you and your palm facing up, where is the pain located?

Tricep area but where the elbow is

Well, it’s not the UCL, so that’s good. Have you been seen by an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine? I find it hard to believe an an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine cannot identify the problem.

Ive had pain in the same area a few years ago and had it diagnosed to be just a hyperextended elbow, however mine was only on and off for a few months not years.

But its still worth a google to see if the expected symptoms match with yours.

Yeah ill probably go see an orthopaedic surgeon. But today another setback occurred, on the follow through of my swing, I strained my left rotator cuff. Gotta love the game.