back leg

im wondering if the fact that my trailing leg doesnt come up of the ground as high as others is affecting my velocity when all my coaches are saying im still following though???..advice???..thx

it could mean youre not getting enough out of your body to force that leg over, but if people say you are still following through it probably wouldnt kill your velocity. I’ve always said “a good follow through doesn’t make a good pitch, it’s the result of good mechanics” You should try to post some videos so the people on here can take a look, I’m sure they could throw something your way to help you out.

thx alot for the advice…ill be sure to put up a video of me sometime soon

It really depends on how and when the drag occurs. Your velocity is directly linked to how well your hip turn (and subsequent drive off your back leg) is timed with your upper body. If those two things are timed up correctly and you drag the back foot a little, then I would say you are fine. However, if your timing is off (e.g. if you stride to far and your hips turn too late) then you will indeed lose some velocity.

So two things to be conscious of…Make sure your upper half and lower half are timed up perfect and also and also, make sure to clear the back foot as fast as possible after the hip turn. A little drag is ok as long as you still pull the back leg up immed. after.


What is your arm slot?

The drag line and the back foot/leg coming up are really the results of everything else happening well before this, as opposed to consciously trying to do either.

What DM said.

And your arm slot will usually indicate the path your back foot comes through.