Back leg?

last week I was attending a baseball clinic and we were doing pitching. The coach told me that when i set my front leg down all my weight should be on the back leg and then you put your weight down. a previous coach had told me that you want to ‘‘break’’ your back leg, get low, then throw. any advice on which one is better?


Not sure I understand those things your coaches have said.

As you’re “setting your front leg down” you should be moving forward and in the process of shifting your weight from back leg to front leg. If your weight is all still on the back leg then you are late in moving foward and probably reaching with your front foot instead of leading with your front hip (which means your center of mass is moving).

The back leg will “break” as you start to move forward. What you don’t want to do is collapse the back leg while stalled out over the rubber. That is inefficient and makes you slow to the plate.

when your front foot lands you want to land soft, but that doesn’t mean you want all your weight on your back foot.

yeah i get what youre saying. i think it was a combo of each. i was collapsing my back leg a bit to much. i wasnt so sure about the front leg thing. he told me that the front leg should set down whith little weight and then after it was down you would put youre weight on it. :?: when i figure out how ill post a video[/qt]