Back Leg Turn over

Should I focus on the back leg? I just throw the ball and I think if I turn the leg over more I could get better hip/shoulder seperation is that true?

I normally let it turn over on it’s own. Should I turn it over powerfully at landing?

should I can anyone help me? Dm and Roger when you see this can you help me?

I’m not going to say that this is an absolute. You’ll get “opinions” on both sides of this one. My personal opinion is that you need to think of things more holistically than focus on things to narrowly. What I mean is that the hips/core, back leg AND foot should all work together in unison. It’s also like a wave. The back leg helps with increasing momentum during the stride which then transitions smoothly into a “rotational push” while the core also fuels hip rotation into landing.

I don’t think you should fixate on any one particular component in the delivery, for fear of “chunking” it down into bits that don’t flow properly. Remember the Kevin Brown clip and how smooth the transitions are.

So, I wouldn’t recommend just letting it happen but I also don’t think it should be focussed on to the point where it affects flow and smoothness.

Ok thank you Dm I wasn’t going crazy about it was just wondering.

Good answer from dm. I’d say that you should not be focusing on the back leg. In my opinion, with good momentum and proper timing, the back leg should take care of itself.