Back leg Mechanics

My son is 13, he throws in the mid the 60s. When I review his mechanics on film, I notice that often his back foot leaves the ground before the ball leaves his hand.

Seems like this would rob a lot of power from his pitch. Does anyone have suggestions on drills or exercises I can work on with him to keep this foot on the ground through release point.

Thanks, B

That’s not a flaw at all. I wouldn’t worry about it.

[quote=“xv84”]That’s not a flaw at all. I wouldn’t worry about it.[/quote]Ditto!! Post a clip though, so we can see what you’re referring to and what you really should be concerned about.

I’ll agree that it isn’t necessarily a problem. After all, Curt Schilling lifts he back foot before he releases the ball. However, it can be an indicator of a flaw so, in my opinion, it should not be ignored. Specifically, I believe the back foot lifting early can indicate early rotation or head and shoulders getting out front too far/soon.

:oops: Oops!! I mis-read (as opposed to mis-remembered :smiley: ) your original post. I was thinking about the foot staying on the ground when you meant it lifts early. Sorry. I agree with Roger then.

I agree.