Back leg finish

Hi my son just turned 14 and has been pitching lights out for his JV team as an 8th grader. I am trying to get him to end with his back leg coming forward not off towards the first base line. Is he losing velocity because of this? Am I over thinking on this matter? Attached is a video of 3 pitches from a bullpen. First pitch is a 65 mph curve, the second is a 70 mph change-up and the third is a 82 mph fastball.


Very difficult to see the pitcher in the video but my advice would be to leave him alone. The hip should follow the arm path so what you are describing and what I see indicates he is ahead of the game.

Thanks Pitcher17 I am going to take that advice and enjoy watching him pitch.

Back foot/leg finish happens after ball release and, therefore, has no effect on the pitch. Typically, the back foot will come around in a “slot” similar to the arm slot as the rotation of the upper half creates torque in a certain plane and that torque is transferred through the core causing the lower half to rotate in roughly the same plane.

Back leg finish can be used as an indicator of what happened earlier in the delivery so, if something doesn’t look right, then the issue (and fix) will be earlier in the delivery. Leg finish itself is not something I work on or instruct with pitchers.

Thanks Roger I will post a game pitch of his FB and CB the next time his pitches.