Back Leg Extension


What can I do to help use my back leg more and extend it through my delivery because right now I load into my back leg but I just rotate over and lately I’ve been feeling like I’m throwing with all arm and not using the rest of my body like I was before


Video would help. If you feel like your throwing all arm there’s usually a timing issue. Check to see if your upper half is rotating too early or too late.


Try to keep your chin over your back leg for as long as possible.


You might need to increase leg strength if it seems as if your leg is getting weaker hence the rotating. Different forms of lifting would be good for it or you can do some leg plyometrics. Also make sure your trying to extend your back leg as hard as you can.


There are 2 possible issues I can think of off the top of my head…

  1. Mechanical deficency

Your ankle to knee, force vector, may not be linear enough by the time it’s side to extend your leg. It should be pointing to your front hip. If it’s too high or low, you’re not going to get good extension.

  1. Strength/Muscle control

To drive your back leg through, you need a decent amount of strength to get into the position to do that, and motor control to drive the leg.
Power cleans should help this, you’ll gain explosive strength and recruit more muscle fibers, thus increasing motor control.

If you have taken some time off in the gym, this could very well be the reason, even if you didn’t have the problem earlier.