Back Leg Drive

how much push should there be with the back leg. Some people I see it doesn’t look like they push really hard with their back leg but that they move fast and drift forward to land on a bent front knee and turn hard with the hips…so I just need to know how much I should focus on pushing hard with my back leg and when I sould start to push if so. I look at Josh Beckett and it looks as though he drives hard with his back leg and then I look at Justin Verlander and it doesn’t appear that way so I need a little clarification.

They both use their glove arm and stride leg to propel them toward the plate. The post leg just reacts opposite to the force created by the stride leg. The harder you sweep the stride leg, the more work the post leg has to work. Think of it as “spreading” your legs, instead of a “push”. Using the mental cue of “push” may lead to extending the knee too much. Thinking of “spreading your legs” should put your focus on using the glutes and hip muscles.

ok but isn’t there some sort of a push with the back leg isn’t there I mean to propel the front leg forward there has to be some sort of drive with the back leg right

Beckett “looks” to be driving harder because he has more knee bend in his back leg. Verlander is just more upright.

The back leg doesn’t propel the front leg. The front leg propels itself. The opening of the front leg is a combination of these two movements: