Back leg drive for velocity

Does driving with the back leg help increase velocity? I know Michael Main does this and does it very well.

It seems like it would help with velocity. If you rotate your back knee down and in while driving the leg, it would allow you to get your hips squared to the plate faster. If you get your hips rotating faster while keeping your shoulders closed you get a bigger stretch before your core has to pull your shoulders around. If that makes sense. I made sense in my head.

Yeah, I was just going through my motion and tried that and my hips really turned and my foot started to drag more, which I learned is because of good hip-shoulder separation.

it helps me I throw about 70 normally but ill drive with my back leg and get 73-75

By “drive” do you mean pushing off the rubber? That’s the never-ending debate, you know. :wink:

So you drive with your back leg and get 3-5 mph more. What does it do to your accuracy? Do you still have the same control as before?