Back leg angle or not?


Hello, i’m looking for a tip about pitching.
Does the back leg which you push off, do you bend, or keep the leg straight. Or , is the leg at an angle or perfect line?


I think the biggest thing about the back leg is the time of the bend. If it’s the first move (leg collapse), then it may be detrimental. If the leg bend happens before the front hip is thrust forward, then the leg bend is killing momentum and potential energy.

Some people interpret leg bend as leg collapse, but that’s not the case.


Good point here. Check out this gif of David Price that shows the back leg is bent but only in that it allows Price to ride his glutes as he expands sideways and strides toward home plate. He basically expands out at the same rate that his back leg bends because gravity and momentum are both at play here.


Coach Johnson from MSU who is definitely one of the top minds in pitching says “If you wanna throw gas, you gotta have a strong … glutes.” he is a huge advocate for getting down in your legs to maximize velocity and engage your glutes more to throw harder.