Back knee hitting the ground

This never happens to me in the bullpen, but for some reason when I’m pitching to live hitters my back knee has been hitting the ground. Is this bad or just normal for some people?

I feel like my mechanics change quite a bit when I pitch to live hitters. I start to stress out when there is someone who can punish my mistakes. I feel like I need to throw harder and stride further.

I also have it in my head to keep my hips closed as long as possible, and I think this may be causing me to leave them closed for too long.

Unfortunately I don’t have any videos to post, but I’ll try to have someone film my next bullpen. Here’s a picture that kinda describes what I’m talking about.

Picture of Randy Johnson at same point in delivery. His knee is no where near the ground.

It worked for Tom Seaver.

hey stumpy i have an identical problem if not the same… check out my video on the analysis page somewhere

to be honest ive done alot of improvement as a whole but i fear i may never have a real dragline, my back foot comes up and back knee drives forward

i noticed also since i have grown in strength and speed the backfoot action happens extremely fast… i really dont know if it will affect my own velo or not… already gained 7~8 so hope it continues

just keep eating and lifting smart… youll figure out how to throw with the body

also stumpy you are ~6’1 randy johnson was 6’10… tough to compare to different deliverys

^^^What he said

If you absolutely want more advice on this, my one suggestion would be video. That is what truly will help us see if it an issue.

True, but Tom Seaver was a drop-and-drive guy. I’m more comfortable with tall-and-fall, because when I drop-and-drive I get so low that I’m in a position where I can no longer create hip-torque.

From a New York Times article, [quote]One reason pitching coaches have abandoned drop-and-drive is the belief that it leads to injuries. The increased hip speed from a taller delivery takes the stress off the upper body, they say, and increases the vertical drop of breaking pitches.[/quote]

Thanks for the replies.

From my trainer, he told me that if you get so much push that your back knee is touching the ground, that you have a very explosive delivery and most likely you are going to bring more velocity, for me it seems kind of true, but I changed it up a little so I can still have the same velocity but knee of the ground. But either way, I’m guessing your alright, unless you don’t like it.

Lincecum’s knee is pretty close to the ground aswell, if you look closely.

I’m no expert though.

Work on really driving off of that back foot and stay tall. Then after you release pick up ur back leg and bring it all the way through. Just try to stay up tall and think about how much bend is in your knee.
Ive got a question though. How are you pitching when you throw like that? Maybe that just is more natural for you. If it comfortable why not stock with it?