Back knee dragging

Is back knee dragging on the mound bad? sometimes it happens to me. my back knee drops real low and drags on the mound.

Generally, when you drop down to the point where your back knee drags, you’re losing power that you can never get back… Do you collapse really low? Can you post some video?

so to fix the back knee hitting the mound. Should i focus on staying tall?

No, you should post vid.
Seaver was a knee dragger…it’s not always necessarily a bad thing.
If you only do it occasionally…it could be a couple of things.
What does “staying tall” mean to you?

I only have video from a front view. And i only knee drag sometimes.

Does it effect anything? Does it cause pain or make you tired? The point is, “something” is breaking down in your mechanic for it to only happen occasionally…you could use it as an indicator (For example if it happens when you are tired), which is a helpful thing to help to be more in tune with yourself. Good mechanics are repeatable…so if the mechanic you use doesn’t drop the knee…“usually”, by definition it’s a symptom of “something”. So you’ll have to fill in the gaps informationally or there really isn’t much but speculation to be said.

would you like me to send you my video?