Back in my Baseball Progress

Well after 4 years in Dominican Republic I came back to New York. I had a three weeks without pitching. Most of you know that I use to post frequently. But Now im back. Yesterday I started pitching and I felt like my normal self. Today I went out and through long toss and did an easy bullpen session. Today I felt I was throwing more faster than before. I know resting your muscle is good but would that help you in increasing your velocity?

In DR i use to practice 3 days a week most of the time sometimes i use to pitch a whole week every year(over there is always hot). but since i got here like a month ago i didnt even pick up a ball for like three weeks like i said before. Yesterday and today were the only day I started practicing, because also im going to start playing with my new college team.

so if anyone could answer my question that i asked above please leave a comment i would like to know.

Hi everyone :stuck_out_tongue: