Back From Pittsburgh

I went to Pittsburgh with my grandparents family and cousins. We went to see them play the Cardinals. My cousin and grandparents were there a day before I was to see game 1 and I went to see game 2 and 3 with them.

Tuesday I got a call from my cousin saying that we must be staying in the same hotel that the Cardinals were staying in. He said he was in the lobby when Adam Kennedy, the second baseman, walked by. This was crazy. We were actually staying in the same hotel as the St. Louis Cardinals! I had to see it to believe it.

Sure enough when I got their Wednesday there were the Cardinals players, unbelievable. We got autographs from about every single one with some exceptions. David Eckstein was one of the most noticeable and he would sign every autograph and never denied a kid. I even got to ride in the elevator with him my 2 brothers and cousin. It was after the ropes were setup and maby half an hour after the main group of players came on and we were riding down to the lobby and bam Eckstein is right there as we were getting off so we all got back on and my grandpas like ahhh don’t bug him because they lost really bad like 15-1 but Eckstein smiled and laughed a bit then signed all our autographs. He’s a really nice guy and a good player but he had a rough night last night.

My cousin had a pretty rare Pujols bobble head that he bought and there weren’t a lot made. He wanted to get it autographed and asked Pujols day 2 when he saw him and Pujols said no do it in the stadium and of course he didn’t sign them in the stadium. They set up ropes while the players came in to keep everyone out of the elevators but my cousins and brothers snuck on when all the players were walking and no one noticed. My cousin and brother hopped on the elevator with Pujols and a couple of his teammates. My cousin asked for his autograph and Pujols denied him and said no, not in the hotel. It was unbelievable, Pujols had all the time in the world with only 1 kid bugging him to sign an autograph and he didn’t. It might seem normal but every other player we got an autograph from.

It was just weird Pujols was made out to be such a nice guy who really appreciated his fans but didn’t sign one autograph. Very few players actually denied and walked away but each player signed at least once but Pujols never did.

Oh well I could have cared less about autographs.

Fun trip now i can post again!

All right!!! :smiley:
My all time celeb story was when Micheal Jordan was playing minor league ball and his team was at Orlando, playing the Twins farm club. A very good friend of mine was with a group of scouts that came to the game. Now this friend of mine is a retired Navy Chief, he’s from Joisey (New Jersey if you don’t recognise the accent)…kinda looks like the daddy charactor from the old “Dinasours” TV series (A classic along the lines of ALF if you don’t recognise the pop culture iconagraphy my apologies)… anyway MJ is refusing signatures…actually has a front guy walking the outfield line from the dugout telling people that he won’t be signing autographs today…My friend kinda gets right on up to the outside corner of the dugout and in a loud New York/Jersey accent starts running heavy smack…HEY MJ MR BASKETBALL!!! MR. NIKE!!! How many of dees kids you think got dem stinkin shoes on? Mr NBA!!! Ha you ain’t nutin if you don’t look at dees kids…Dees Kids who made you who YOU ARE…MY NAME IS JIM GRAF…thats right JIM GRAF!!! You got a problem with what I’m sayin you just meet me buddy after this game!! Well Jordan made eye contact with him, whispered something to his guy and took the field for pre-game and the guy who had been walking back and forth goes over in a very quiet way and says that MJ wants to sign for the kids but can’t because he was always getting mugged by adults who push the kids out of the way…So he (Jim) herds out all of these adults from the section at the corner of the dugout (It was reserved for the scouts) and proceeds to stand guard over that section keeping all of the adults out while MJ signed for all of the kids…every scout there.
I still to this day try to get this guy to tell his MJ story to anyone who hasn’t already heard it.

Yeah that is a good story. I was just a bit dissapointed with Pujols he’s such a good player and I really expected him to sign. There weren’t a lot of kids their either they kept out all of the city kids if you didn’t have a card or know your room # you weren’t allowed in the lobby so there were only 10-15 kids getting autographs. Every other player didn’t mind except Albert. But it was pretty low that he said oh I’ll sign at the game twice in a row. The first game he signed 2 autographs the second none. Some just walked away most did at least once, even Eckstein said sorry guys I’m late I have to go and refused a couple kids but I’m sure they already had his autograph and wanted it again. He signed every time someone wanted one. Edmonds and Rolen signed once each which wasn’t too bad but Albert didn’t not once.

I’m with you on how dissappointing it is when guys who are who they are because of the kids who would sell their eye teeth just for a stinkin signature…Also can understand that for people at the plateau where Albert hangs out, it can be immensely time consuming and one would suppose that they have to do what they have to, just to get space…and also we can’t know day to day how someone feels or what they may be dealing with…I wonder if he does this regularly or it was a bad series. Guys that usually stiff fans get cruddy reps…I always heard decent things about him.

Yeah well everyone else besides him was doing it. Edmonds is kind of a private person who keeps to himself which is understandable but Pujols is so active with doing all these charity things you’d figure he’s sign.

most people would figure Pujols would sign autographs. especially in this case because it was only 1 person wanting his autograph. but that’s pretty cool you got to meet David Eckstein. he’s one of my favorite shortstop’s because he reminds me of me playing short. he’s pretty short like me and gives it all he’s got when he’s on the field.

Yeah he’s really short and he is sorta like a little kid he was wearing a backpack around with his dress cloths on before the game yesterday lol but hes’ a good guy. Though he went like 0-4 with 2 errors and played really bad, but failures the key to success.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

Certainly not trying to defend Albert… heck I’m a Cub fan, and as for Eckstein, he is for fielders that are too small with weak arms, what Maddux is to people who want to pitch and have normal bodies and speed. I’m just glad the game still has people like him and Ryan Freel (Jacksonville Fl. native Ryan Freel), who just love the game and are so happy to be there. One of the things I used to really appreciate and still do…about Sammy Sosa is that he has always taken great efforts to salute his fans (Though he got a bad club house rep in Chicago and his wife kinda got him a bit of an arrogent rap)…he sprints out to his position everytime and salutes the fans as he does it. Ernie Banks was another one of those people and still the source of continuing inspiration to me…put up with the exact same crap that Henry Aaron did but never got all sour about it, just thrilled to be on the field (Lets play two!)…to this day will be happy to sign for you.