Back foot sequencing/ Unloading the hips

I everyone,

I am presently working on hips rotation , but I struggle to rotate the hips because I rotate the feet instead of the hips. so I was wondering how the back foot is suppose to move to promote hips rotation. At the same time , how should I unload the hips in the delivery ?

There’s a slow mo video from the side : - YouTube

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey Gsimoneau,

You are exactly correct. The reason why you struggle with rotating the hips at the proper time is because you rotate your foot way to early in the delivery. You have to use as much ground force as possible and keep your back foot pushed into the ground while creating an explosive movement down the mound. The second you bring your heel up, you start early rotation. That rotation works its way up into your knee. You should remain closed driving down the mound, but because you pick your heel up early, you start rotation.

Look at the pics below. The first one is my son using ground force to drive his body closed down the mound. Take a look at your pics. I took the stills from about the same position in the delivery. In the first one just before your arm gets parallel to the ground, your heel has already peeled away from the mound. In the 2nd one, you can see how early foot rotation leads to early knee rotation. You can see that you do not use ground force efficiently which leads to early rotation. Concentrate on keeping your entire foot flat pushing force into the ground and using that force to generate a closed explosive movement forward with your core.



Thanks a lot for yout help steve !

So just to be sure I clearly understand, I need to be longer on the back leg to get more force from the ground up and create more linear energy and then just before my front foot touch the ground I should drive and explode my by hips to create hips rotation . That’s right ?

This is my last bullpen , 3 weeks ago the pitch was 80.1 on a stalker sports 2 , but I wasn’t engaging the hips that much too ! Mound 80 11 - YouTube

Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.


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Just looked at your bullpen video. You are much better sequenced in that video. Much different than the video in the garage. Which one was most recent?

The garage video his two days ago and the bullpen his last week. But as you can see in the bullpen video my back hips is not fully engaged. So I am working on generate more force from the ground to generate more force up to the arm. Instead of like both video , throwing all with upper body.

Like Lance Mccullers jr does with is back hips : Slow Motion - Lance McCullers from the stretch - YouTube


I compared your video to Lance McCullers. I have found another potential area in your delivery where you may be leaking energy thus leaving velocity on the table.

When both of your arms are in the cocked position, McCullers upper body is moving into forward trunk tilt. Your body is still in a very upward position. You don’t start generating upper body tilt until your arm is in maximun external rotation (when the arm lays flat). This may be due to the fact that you tilt your head off to your glove side and up in the air (look at your eyes) in this phase of the delivery. When your head tilts like that, your trunk is sure to follow thus - losing energy to the plate. In the bullpen video you sent me, the lower half looks good. I believe its your upper half that you have to work on. Keep your head and eyes on your target. That should straighten out the upper body tilt and help you move into forward trunk tilt.

***Side Note - just looked at the video in the garage again. In that video you you keep your head and eyes on your target. What I see is you try to hard to to rotate the lower half. In doing so, you rotate too early. If you take the upper half in the garage and put it on the bottom half of the bullpen, I think you will be there.



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Thanks a lot Steve your help is so usefull ! it make a lot of sense , so will started to work on that and will let show you in a couple weeks how it’s doing .