Back foot coming in front of stide foot after pitch

I have a couple of kids on my team that instead of the back foot coming over to the side, it goes forward in front of them. They like to stand straight up on delivery, and it is something I am working on, as well as stride. Is this normal for youth pitching, since I have 2 kids that are having trouble breaking the habit?

Do you mean that the back foot is in the air out in front of the stride foot, as it decelerates?

It will actually land in front of the stride foot after the pitch is thrown. Unlike when a pitch is thrown and your back foot comes to the side for proper fielding position.

Beware early rotation. Been there. Done all that with my son.

Tough to say without seeing the pitchers. If there’s a mechanical issue then that needs to be fixed. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with having enough momentum that it carries you forward a bit after ball release.

Don’t sacrifice the end of your delivery to finish in a good defensive position. Throw the best pitch you can, then play defense.