Back at it v2

I will try my best to update this log, unlike my previous one.

238lbs (today)

Started at 75 about a year ago - threw casually until a few months back, since then I throw every third day.

Hit 90 in April - pushing higher this summer and trying to settle into a good situation next season.

Also, I threw today and am extremely happy that the sun is shining.

Body feels good, was able to keep the FB low.

Sounds good man, looking forward to following your progress. All the best.

Going to pitch at a JUCO today. :twisted:

Try out or just getting on the field with some friends?

The coach said he needed guys with two plus plus pitches (and 88+fb) after I threw like ten 87s.

Maybe they were 77s?

Moving backward it looks like now.

EDIT: For clarification - I know the velo (appx.) because I was just gunned last week. Also, I was there as a feeler for next March. (!)

Threw some tonight - feeling fine.

Good stuff man


So the feeler would be for you to start classes in the fall or in January?

I tried to start two months ago, Spring. I couldn’t get the FinAid straightened.

So, shooting for summer.

Good stuff man, so when will you know forsure?

I will keep trying to remedy the situation, but I don’t really know if/when I will be able to go.

I am able to attend, I simply don’t have the money. I need a better job or a smiley FinAid director.

Are there any schollys you could qualify for or busaries you could apply for?

The financial aspect is the hardest part of the College game.

I haven’t looked into grants, scholarships, etc. at all.

There might be some that would provide assistance. I am looking at a few options this next week - I will post about any advances - if they happen.

Did you really give up on posting on here?

No, but you know that.

It was like a month man you were MIA

I was lurking -

If anyone is reading this (other than Wales):

I have hit 93, registered at a JuCo, and am looking forward to 2013.

I started my classes last month - they are fine. Still throw every three days.

Built a regulation mound a few months back - Although, the ‘rubber’ has caused a bit of knee pain - I beveled the leading edge, but that hasn’t helped much. The pain isn’t the problem - I just don’t want to compromise a part of my delivery because of it. (I tore the meniscus in my right knee about five years ago by exhausting a leg-press until failure) Don’t be stupid like that.

Off to look for a better job -