Back! and i need help!

hey everyone

i need a bit of help!

i dropped out of my competitive league and joined a not so serious club, so that i could find enjoyment in the game again. i did this for 2 years, and didnt train once. now im training almost everyday.

so in doing this, i dropped from 87 to 77kg, my fitness is alot better, lower body fat, i have wicked movement in any pitch i want to throw, i can throw over the top - 3/4 and sidearm all accurately. but over the top is preferred arm slot.

now, the problem is that i used to throw mid 80’s (83-86mph), now…around the 75mph mark

im 20yo, so i think there is still the possibility of a scholarship or to get signed…hopefully. buti need to get back to throwing hard.

does any one have a good throwing program including longtoss etc

The TuffCuff program that Steven produces is a great program. I have a copy and it has been very beneficial to me. The program is extremely detailed and pretty much lays out every single thing you should be doing…and it works.

who changed your mechanics?

no one, i think they may have changed a lil due to not training, but i think its more from not doing any longtoss or pens, n was wondering in those terms, what to do and when