Babe Ruth baseball rumor

This past summer,
I read somewhere (where it was, I forget)
that Babe Ruth used to put a cabbage leaf in his baseball cap
to keep his head cool. Does anyone know if this
is actually true?

The Babe was the ultimate self-promoter. If it could draw attention to himself - he’d do it. And one of the best acts that he had, was his tremendous skill in this game.

George could pitch, hit, and figure out this game better than most. He knew what drew the fans and he had a taste for life that was bigger than life itself.

As far as what he put under his cap, to keep cool or not, the only thing he really needed under his cap - was himself. I only wish I lived in that time span to witness first hand his antics.

The closest man that I ever met that tried to equal him in the antics department was a right fielder that sang opera during a game. Yep, opera. His favorite singer of the day was a man by the name of Julius La Rosa. So, the guy would…la la… then break into a tune called …”sweetheart … sweetheart…sweetheart… Drove the ladies along the first base foul line nuts. (Sold tickets though)

In any event, cabbage, broccoli, tootsie pops - whatever. It’s all about promotion.

Coach B.