B. Wyvratt-pitching video analyze


I am a pitching coach at a high school and have a senior with a lot of potential (85-87 lefty) but his control is terrible. I think it might be a mechanic related. Especially his glove hand


Hi, Two things I notice right off the bat. First is a lack of early momentum.
A. No early weight shift. You can see he sits over his back leg without generating momentum. It is hard to tell, but is his back foot flat on the ground? If not he is missing out on a component of ground force generating power.
B. No momentum towards home plate before hand-break. You can see at :05 he breaks his hands with no forward momentum. It is not a must, but a good rule of thumb.

Second and this may be where the control issue comes in to play, take a look at his tilt (:07). High level pitchers don’t drift (getting out over the toes) and lose the “driveline” to home plate.


Agree, nothing to home plate, minimal leg drive, everything rotating together, no hip to shoulder separation. He’s trying to make up for it with an aggressive glove tuck to whip his shoulders around and then his arm yanks down. If he’s throwing 85-87 it’s all about mass, because that motion is not helping anywhere. he’s all rotation, no drive. My guess is he’s missing high and then in the dirt when he over compensates.

The good, his arm path and timing on his arm cocking, as well as opening of hips. A good strong front leg until he rotates over it towards third base.

My suggestions: He really needs to bring the trunk towards his target against that good front leg,

  1. counter rotate trunk to delay shoulder rotation, just prior to drive portion (ie help stay closed with shoulder)
  2. drive at the point he can’t hold forward momentum from opening his front side, this will help open hips first (feet in sync), upper body stay closed. At this point any degree of separation will help.
    3.rotate glove thumb from down to up and raise throwing arm to cocked position, leave the glove out front to help block off that excessive rotation
  3. Bring chest to glove, lay arm back
  4. Release arm into throw, pronate and finish

I don’t mind his shoulder tilt since he throws from a high slot, just don’t over do it.
Separation is usually associated with velocity but I also believe it helps the upper body from over rotating so that it can slam forward towards target, helping keep ball in line and more on target. that way timing is a high or low thing vs. all 4 directions.

The aggressive glove tuck is the result (or a compensation) of/for a poor leg drive and momentum towards home plate. Not the root cause of his control problems.


Thank you much for the advice


Thank you!