Awesome game!

I had an awesome game today: Hit a triple then double and then i hit an inside the park homerun with no errors and then got hit with by the ball :wink: .

Just wanted to say that on here cause im all pumped.

I also pitched and just rocked the other team

You sure did have a great day at the plate—and on the mound as well. Good for you!
Reading about this reminded me of one game I played that came pretty close. I was pitching, and I pitched a two-hitter but I faced just the minimum number of batters because the first one who singled off me I picked off and the second one got erased in a double play. No walks. Twelve strikeouts. And although I had never considered myself much of a hitter, I had one of THOSE days at the plate—two for four, a single and a double, scored two runs and drove in three. The next day I was talking to my pitching coach and I told him about it, and he said that maybe I didn’t do this very often but I had a very good day at the plate. A real feather in my baseball cap.
I also thought back to a game I had listened to on the radio a while back—the Yankees were playing in Detroit that night, and Vic Raschi was pitching. He wasn’t much of a hitter either, but on that night he exploded at the plate. He went three for four, all doubles with the bases loaded, and his fourth time up he was robbed of what would have been another double with the bases loaded—he drove in half of the Yankees’ runs that night as they tomahawked the Tigers 15-0. That too was an awesome game. :smiley: 8) :baseballpitcher: