Away Game Humor

There was a club we use to play on away games, that use to
take every opportunity to mess with our minds. And I will admit,
they did have an imagination.

  • On our way to the visitor’s locker room, there was
    a sign on a door that said “HEAD COACH OFFICE”.
    Out of curiosity, I open the door and took a peek in.
    Inside was 8’ X 5’ room with a urinal, a sink, a stall,
    and a roll of paper towels.
  • The pay phone in the visitor’s locker room took only
    quarters. Next to it was a bill changer. The bill changer
    took $1 and $5 bills, then spit out change in nickels
    and dimes.
  • The showers in the visitor’s locker room all came with
    a metal soap dish under the faucets. In each soap dish
    had a bar of soap in it. Everyone thought that it was a
    convenient gesture, until one of our players recognized
    the kind of soap they gave us – flea soap for dogs and
  • There was a large ventilation fan that hung down from
    the ceiling with 8 blades on it. I never saw an 8 bladed
    ceiling fan before. On each blade were some markings.
    When we turned the fan on to get some air moving
    one hot August night, all those markings stared to come
    into focus and those blades went around, and formed
    something readable – LOSERS.
  • We were provided with small secure lock boxes in
    the locker room one night. Wallets, watches, and stuff
    like that could be safely stored while we were on the field.
    The combination locks were part of the door assembly.
    The combination to those locks was inscribed on the
    Lock boxes of the door as well. Add to that, all the
    combinations were the same … L 1, R 2, L 3.

Now tell me ballplayers don’t have a sense of humor!

Coach B.

Absolutely hilarious Coach B that’s truly imaginative.

Did you guys retaliate when they came to your back yard?

The club that I was referring to, had an ownership that
had invested interest in that stadium. Those owners
were also part of every business and social organization
in that local – Rotary, AMVETS, Masons, Knight of Columbus,
Lions, etc. So they could do as they pleased.

We were not that fortunate. We shared two stadiums with
other organizations, and even then, things were touchy.
However, not to be out done one night, the players found
out what motel these people were staying during their visit
with us. They contacted the motel manager and his wife and
somehow rented three rooms right smack-dab in the middle
of the block of rooms that this club rented. Then they found
some guy who was getting married and offered those rooms
to his best man – who by the way, was planning a stag party.
Well, to make a long story short- the booze and ladies showed
up, along with about 40 guys. The three rooms were all
connected so - “gentlemen, start your engines!”

It was great! That club showed up for a doubleheader
the next day, no sleep, and it looked like they went through
a snow-blower. It wasn’t so great two days later when we got the
bill for the three rooms that were trashed. I and two other
coaches nearly got fired for that one. It was almost worth
though. That doubleheader was 2 games of 11 games
that we won all season.

As I remember reading once – you played some pro ball,
so you know how that goes.

Coach B.


I hear ya Coach B! That would of been priceless!

There’s some things that I’ve seen and been apart of I’ll never forget (most which is too indecent to post on here).