Avulsion fracture

turns out my ligament is fine but in the xray it showed a slight fracture lower ulna/medial epiconidycltle

the doctor said it will heal and i need at least 9 weeks of a good program before i can throw the ball hard efficently


It’s always good when you don’t have to go under the knife!

Take it easy and hit the weight room hard during those 8 weeks and you’ll be in great shape when you start to throw again.

Is weight training what you mean by ‘a good program’?

If so - then pound 'em.

ya i think its ok since its bone and my ligament is strong enough to pull bone off… however proper healing time is critical for superior strength in that bone

i follow a mix of eric cressy/tnation and john broz, bulgarian style programming…

after the pop a week later (jan 12th) i hit a pr in my deadlift at 405

i know my arm is ok, anyone know anything about strengthing that valgus stress position?