Avg velocityfor a juco pitcher

What would be the average velocity for juco pitcher?

I’m not sure, but I would guess it would be in the mid-low 80s since most D1 pitchers throw 85 and up. But that’s just a guess.

whats a juco??

juco is short for junior college

Junior College velocities vary all over the place. Your typical JC pitcher will throw low to mid 80s but there are also JC pitchers who are draft and follow types throwing in the 90s. There are also pitchers who were young and didn’t mature early who come out of HS and throw low 80s as a JC freshman and may be throwing high 80s as a sophmore.

I only ask because i plan on attending one in my area there are a few to choose from but i was just wondering,is there a difference between d1,d2,and d3 jocos

The differences are huge, a D-1 school will be the nmajor college programs, you may be able through grades and sat scores to attend the school but it is no walk in park to make the team, while you stand an outside long chance of making the team as a “walk-on”, it’s a long shot (You better be top of the tops), D2/3 or NAIA schools are a tier below that and you still better be great to walk on to those squads also. The Community College/JUCO’s are your best shot if you haven’t been scouted heavily, they can get you into a program (While dealing with the class load) and hone your skills so that at some point with dedication and skill you may be able to transfer to the larger more nationally known programs. I have also seen a couple of guys decide to go the Community College route so that they aren’t forced to make a 4 year commitment before they see all of the options available (Scholarships at CC/JUCO’s aren’t usually 4 year commitments. For example we had (At my son’s high school) a pitcher who was offered scholarships by the Citadel and Jacksonville University, he chose to play at a Community College while he gets his grades in shape so he has a shot at the University of Florida (He throws in the 90-92 mph range).
Hope that clears it up for you…good luck

thanx for the info, but what i meant was there are three divisions of juco too if u go on there site it shows u them