Avg velocity for a D-III pitcher

This year i will be playing baseball at a D-III college and I was just wondering if anybody knows how hard the average pitcher in D-III throws. In my junior year i was throwing low 80’s, ocassionally 83-85 with movement becuase i throw sidearm. But in my senior year I hurt my elbow ( tendinitis) and it dropped to high seventies, occasionally when rested it would get back to where it was last year. Another thing question i have is should i switch to overhand, or will switching hurt my velocity and movement. Finally, my last question is has anybody had tendintis in their outer elbow where the tendons connect to the bone, and what is the best way to help heal the elbow, rest or therapy? And will i regain that velocity i had a year ago for more than a couple innings, or will the tendintis be a reoccuring ailment? Thanks.

Low to mid 80s is what the better pitchers were throwing in the SLIAC Conference (St. Louis Inter-Collegiate Athletic Conference), where I coached for 3 years. Lefty’s were thumbing it in there around 78-80 mph.